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The Aesthetician LLC

A Private Beauty Clinic

8515 Delmar Boulevard Suite 211

Saint Louis MO.63124
p: (314)274-8910

Now Doing Laser IPL Treatments Small Area $79 One Session! 

Package Promotion of 7 for $475

Permanent Hair Removal & Waxing Services

Private Laser Clinical Skincare Treatments Now Available: IPL Laser Hair Removal,  ACNE Laser Facial, Tightens Pores, Skin Rejuvenation, Wrinkle Removal, Face Tightening & Lifting, Freckle Removal, Melasma, IPL Pigmentation Facial, Photo Facial

Call to schedule a complementary consultation.

Maximum results require 6-8 sessions. Custom Package Beauty Plans


Professional Clinical Grade Chemical Peels. Levels 

10-80% Buffered and Un-buffered. Your skin is evaluated during a Complementary  Consultation from your Fitz Patrick skin tone and type your treatment is determined based on genetic skin disposition and reaction to sun exposure, color, tone, and texture. A chemical peel is a skin-resurfacing procedure in which a chemical solution is applied to the skin to remove the top layers of dead skin cells. The skin that grows back after a chemical peel is smoother and younger looking. Chemical peels are used to treat wrinkles, skin discoloration and scars — typically on the face, and can be used on the body. Custom Packages Available

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The Aesthetician Speaks

• Wear your Sun -Protection daily no matter what your age race or geographical location! I recommend an SPF 50 Broad Spectrum Water Resistant Sun Protection every day. Reapply every 2 hours for continued protection when outside.


Schedule a Consultation with Felicia

Glycolic Peel

Anti-Ageing Treatment. Removes dry dead skin cells, breaks down oil, minimizes pores, peels off dry dead  old skin, prepares the skin to accept serums, and moisturizers to go deep into pores, into the dermas smooths wrinkles. Great for oily, acne prone, combination, and dry skin, lightens dark spots.


Lactic Peel

Natural, Non-Toxic, and  Safe

 Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) Rejuvenates Lightens & Evens your  Complexion, Tone and Texture to Reduc​e Aging.  Signs of aging are Wrinkles, Dark Age Spots, Moles, Loose, and Sagging Skin. Mature Acne, hard pustuals, hard bumps with blood and black heads. Deep Acne Scars


Salicylic Acid Peel

Clinical Peel -Beta H​ydroxy  Acid (BHA) 

Works deep beneath to the dermas. Ideal for Acne, Bacteria, Oily Skin Blackheads Whiteheds Pustuals Dermatitus Clogged Large Pores, Skin Tagss & Warts 


*Signature Vitamin C  Peel

The Vitamin C 50% peel is a blend of AHA and Vitamin C that will help address stubborn hyperpigmentation due to sun damage. This medium strength peel is most appropriate for a new peeler with a normal to dry skin type and is safe for all skin tones, also addresses fine lines, wrinkles, and hormonal acne while giving your skin a healthy glow


"The Aesthetician Quotes Sun Health"

• Wear your SPF DAILY not matter what your age race or geographical location!

• Reapply every 2 hours for continued protection.

• Don’t forget your ears, hands and head! A lot of skin cancer happens in these areas because people forget.

• Use a broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF.

• Tanning beds are NOT GOOD FOR YOU, try a spray tan or self tanner.

• There is NO SUCH THING as a “base tan" or a “safe tan" – once the skin changes pigment or tans the damage has begun and the skin will need anti-age treatments.

• Have a yearly body check performed by a dermatologist to help detect skin cancer early.

• Follow the A-B-C-D’s for Skin Growths - Freckles - Tags - Moles:

A – Asymmetrical? If so, that might be a sign you need it checked

B – Border – does it have a clean, sharp border? If so great! If not, and it has a blurry or fuzzy looking border, it might be a sign you need it checked

C – Color – is it all one color? Great! If not, if it is multi colored or light brown on one side and really dark brown on the other, you may need to get it checked.

D – Diameter – anything larger than a pencil eraser needs to be checked.

If you have a patch that is red, flaky, bleeds or doesn’t go away, have it checked.

See a licensed, professional and knowledgeable Aesthetician monthly for facials because I can help track changes in your skin and answer more personal or detailed questions you may have." Take Care of Yourself"

Felicia Froncine ...The Aesthetician LLC

Our Mission 

"Making the the World Beautiful one Face at a time!"

The Aesthetician, believes feeling good about yourself begins from the Inside -Out! Your complexion says a lot about you, so we begin by discussing a mission to" Heal". A private confidential session will begin with a one on one consultation to determine treatment. A  Lifestyle, Assessment: skincare, sp​irituality, diet, and overall health, to pursue your goals. All skin has some type of problem. What is your skin concern?

We have "The Solution to your problem." Hyperpigmentation, Dark Spots, Hair Removal, Anti-Ageing, Wrinkles, Sagging, Dull Dry Skin ACNE, Oily, Rosacea, Moles, and more.  Take care of yourself, get pampered! Visit our beautiful private clinic by appointment. Upscale luxurious treatments, Club Membership Packages and Payment Plans for term treatment procedures available.

Custom Deep Pore Facial

Best facial for new patients! 

Skin analysis 3 Cleansing's Facial 

Pro-Brushed Steam and Heated Towels Extractions Exfoliating Fruit Scrub, Mask Serum Moisturizer & Sunscreen

 1 Hour Treatment


New Patient Special

$75 Women

$85 Men

***Signature European Facial

A custom French facial, Face & De'colletage 

2 Hydrating Cleansings with Deep Pore Brush Steam Extractions Scrub Mask Face & Neck French Massage Serum Moisturizer and Sun Protection 

1 Hour Treatment


Organic Dermal Fillers "Mesotherapy"

Is your skin starting to look old? We can fix it today! Smooth out wrinkles and flaws. Dermal fillers are small injections of gel, made up of vitamins, hylauronic acid, fruit enzymes fill in wrinkles add volume to soft tissue. You can have dermal fillers in different parts of your face: around the eye, cheeks, mouth jawline, lip fillers administered directly into the lip tissue.Call to schedule a Consultation 

$300-$1500 up

***Anti-Ageing Face Lift Facial

The Face Lift! A Microcurrent Facial is often referred to as a “Natural Face-Lift" A Microcurrent facial permits extremely low-voltage electrical currents, which mirror your own body's electrical currents, on a cellular level to massage and repair damaged loose skin and stimulate collagen and elastin production! Lifts tones and  tightens the skin. Best results 4 sessions. Add a chemical peel for maximum results! Contact us for a private consultation.


Mole & Skin Tag Removal

Moles or skin growths such as cysts, angiomas, milia, skin tags, warts, and lipomas are very common on the face, body, and scalp.Moles are a grouping of pigmented cells that appear as small, dark brown spots. They come in different sizes, colors, and surfaces flat, raised, smooth, or wrinkled. Many people consider mole removal, usually for personal reasons because they consider them unattractive. Skin tags are usually not dangerous, but can be irritating. These are small flaps of tissue that hang off the skin and usually found on the chest, armpits, neck, back, under the breasts, or in the groin area and face. Skin tags are easily taken out using different methods including freezing, Strong Glycolic Acid Cutting or Burning with a machine. Consultation Required.



Collagen Induction Therapy

Known as Micro-needling RF PRP or Skin Needling, is a cosmetic procedure that involves repeatedly puncturing the skin with tiny, sterile needles. The plasma from your blood aids in blending a serum to heal skin. Topical Anesthetic is applied first. The procedure damages the skin to repair the skin. Helps cell turnover and breaks down oil production to heal all skin types including Acne. Great for Acne Scars! Advanced Highly Concentrated Vitamin Serum is injected into pores to smooth out flaws and even your complexion. Best results require 4-6 sessions once a month. Love this Procedure! Amazing Results! Consultation Required.

$250 per session


Top of the Line OXY-Facial

Oh My God! My favorite facial! I love this treatment, and I'm sure you will too. HydraFacial Treatment!  Skin is cleansed first, exfoliated with a Dermablade, buffed with Micro-Beads in Aloe Gel then a Hydrating Sheet Mask, Eye Treat for puffiness/dark circles. Refreshing Pure Oxygen Blown with Vitamins & Hydrating Serums into your skin. Your skin becomes alive glowing vibrant even in winter months! 

Relax, Ahhhh...



Advanced Microdermabrasion

Cleanse Steam Powerful Suction Machine stimulates collagen Microdermabrasion is a minimally invasive procedure used to renew overall skin tone and texture. It can improve the appearance of sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, acne scarring, melasma, and other skin-related concerns and conditions.

The procedure uses a special applicator with an abrasive surface to gently sand away the thick outer layer of the skin to rejuvenate it.. Best results with 4-6 treatments packages available upon consultation.


BOTOX Injection No-Needle


A new non invasive pain free topical treatment to smooth lines and wrinkles without needles! {Baby Face} Pure Hylaluronic Acid fills the space between collagen and elastin fibers within the skin, which replenishes the natural volume lost with aging. Instant gratification! Plumps up and Lifts! Look younger now. Includes Sample Skin Home Care Kit with purchase of a package.



Pro-Brow & Lash Dye

Rich Enhancing Semi-Permanent Color to match hair or cover grey. Brightens your eyes and frames your face. They look fabulous! Last 2-4 weeks 

30 Min. Treatment


*New Eyelash Growth Treatment 

Grow your own! Serum applied to lashes and Lash Line to assist with growth. Really Works! 15 minute Collagen Protien Eye Treatment. Helps with puffiness, darkness, congestion helps smooth fine lines. You take the Lash Serum home apply daily. Eyelashes grow long  & Strong.


Eyelash Extensions

Beautiful Professional Lashes applied One by One. They last 4-8 weeks. Refills every 2-4 weeks. They make you look young and alive! 2 Hour Service. Sensitive Eyes Medical Grade Glue. 15 minute Collagen Protien Eye Treatment. Helps with puffiness, darkness, congestion helps smooth lines.Call for consultation.



Signature Custom Facial

Beautiful Professional  High End Botanical and Vitamin Treatment  includes neck and head massage, served with 

a Glass of Bubbly! 

Fantastic results pampering session

Call for consultation.



TCA chemical peels are an excellent method to treat skin conditions such as excessive skin pigmentation, melasma, chloasma, acne scarring, fine wrinkles, sun damage and generalised skin rejuvenation. TCA peels can be used at a concentration from 5% all the way up to 100% TCA. Results Beautiful Glowing Skin! Call for consultation.



Custom Blend Mineral Makeup


Meaning Daughter from this land! Created by Felicia Your Aesthetician. Beautiful Professional Custom Blended Makeup just for you in a private session. Fun to see your powder color come together Comes with a KABUKI Brush. 

Call for a consultation.



Custom KING Men's Facial

Men you will love it! 1 Hour 30 min. session. Consultation: Deep Botanical Cleanse with a Deep Pore Sonic Brush. Steam, Extractions, Black Heads, White Heads, removed. Felicia extracts Ingrown Hairs and deep cleans your pores.  Exfoliation with a 

Micro-derm Scrub, Hot Towels Aromatherapy Essential Oils Tea Tree Copaiba Oil Sandalwood Lemongrass Oils. Facial Head & Neck Massage, Toner, Mask Moisturizer Sun Screen,  Cool Oxygen blown on your face and neck helps penetrate moisturizers and hydrates. Add a Custom Body Massage for a total Royal Session,

Treatment for a KING!

Call for a consultation.



Custom KING Spa Treatment

Achy sore muscles, or do you just need to relax? 2 Hour Session We offer Custom Body Massage Therapy... Imagine a great facial all over your body..Skin Analysis; determines if there are any skin concerns that need to be further treated or seen by a dermatologist. Includes: Cleansed Skin, Steam, Hot Towels, Exfoliation, Relax in a Heated Thermal Blanket release toxins, Hot Oils, Aromatherapy and Massage. This is a fantastic treatment You will feel great! Men you will love it! Add a Kings Facial 3 and a half hours for the total Royal Session,

Treatment for a KING!

Call for a consultation.



Custom QUEEN'S Facial

Ladies you will love it! 1 Hour 30 mi, session. Consultation: Deep Botanical Cleanse with a Deep Pore Sonic Brush. Steam, Extractions, deep cleans your pores. Exfoliation with a

Micro-derm Scrub, Hot Towels Aromatherapy Essential Oils Lavender  Chamomile Tea Tree Oils. Facial Head & Neck Massage, Toner, Golden Mask Moisturizer Sun Screen, Cool Oxygen blown on your face and neck helps penetrate moisturizers and hydrates. Includes an Eye Treatment for puffy eyes, dark circles, and wrinkles. 

Add a Custom Body Massage for a total Royal Session,

Treatment for a Queen!

Call for a consultation.




Dermaplaning is a non-invasive skincare treatment for men and women who want to improve the overall appearance of their skin. Can be an Add On Service, to many skincare procedures to enhance - or without the use of chemical solutions, lasers or surgical procedures. It's done topically, with a Surgical Guarded Blade on clean dry skin. Dermaplaning stimulates natural skin rejuvenation by exfoliating the outermost layer of dead and dull skin cells to reveal the beauty that is underneath! A fresh new layer of skin that looks brighter radiant  rejuvenated, and  softer. Procedure strips the skin of its damaged outer layer, Dermaplaning effectively stimulates cellular renewal to improve the appearance of many cosmetic concerns, such as acne scars, signs of aging and hyperpigmentation. FDA cleared, making it safe for most skin types. Treatments are quick and require no downtime. You will love your new face! 1 Hour. Session. Includes Consultation: 

Call for a consultation.



ACNE Facial

High Frequency Machine: is used to aid in killing bacteria and clarify pores in a complete facial treatment for its germicidal effects after extractions to stimulate circulation, oxygenate the skin, and increase cell metabolism. Great for oily/acneic skin types Face is deep cleansed Steam, Exfoliated with Healing Gel to calm redness. Kaolin Clay Oatmeal  Sulfur Tea Tree and Lemon Mask, VC Serum, Oil Free Moisturizer and 

Sun Pro SPF 50.

 Call for a consultation.



Custom Vitamin C Facial

 Vitamins on your face. Great for Hyperpigmentation, Melasma, Acne Scars, Dark Spots. Antioxidant treatment that evens out skin tone, helps to diminish fine lines, and reduces redness and irritation leaving skin glowing. Cleanse Tone/Serum VC Mask Smells like Oranges! Delightful. Sun-Pro a Must! Great for all skin tones and types, especially sun damaged, acne scars and mature skins.

Gives the skin a lift: Helps to tighten and lift facial muscles, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, stimulate circulation, firm the skin, boost cell renewal, and stimulate collagen production. Most beneficial done in a series of 6 weekly treatments, it is an effective treatment to fight against correct darkening and aging of the skin and muscles. 

 You will love it! 1 Hour 15 min. 

Includes Consultation

Call for a consultation.



Brazilian Beauty Wax

Ladies get Summer Sexy! 1 Hour  remove All Hair! The hair is being removed by the root, it will take much longer to grow back than with shaving. Warm Brazilian wax  removes all or nearly all of the hair from front to back.  Brazilian style  is clean and smooth, removes all hair from the vulva area. Session is Private. 

Call for a Consultation



Lipotropic Injection

Felling Tired? Llipotropic B12 complex injections are a combination of vitamin and mineral ingredients administered by needle injection to increase energy and boost metabolism & wellness. Super Lipo-B12 helps detoxify, de-stress and remove fat, while boosting metabolism, immunity and energy (not a regular B12 shot). An all-natural injection, absorbs body fat, helps to cleanse the liver, and combats stress and fatigue. ​The best amino acids combined with Vitamin B12 Complex.

Call for a Consultation

Package of 6 $200



Mesotherapy is a technique that uses injections of vitamins, enzymes, hormones, and plant extracts to heal rejuvenate and tighten skin, as well as remove excess fat, tighten loose skin, and re-contour the body. Lighten pigmented skin. Can be done on the face with a Derma Pen or concentrated areas of fat on the body. Topical Anesthesia can be applied to the face, yet the needles are so tiny you don't feel them. Best results 6 Treatments done every 1- 2 weeks. Target Stomach area, amazing fast results. 

Beautiful Skin!

Call for a consultation.

$300 + Up


New!IPL PHOTO Facial

Ladies you will love it! 1 Hour session.

Call for a consultation.

Custom Packages


New!Custom Seaweed Body Wrap

Ladies you will love it! 1 Hour 30 mi, session. Includes Consultation: Helps loose Inches! Your Body is painted and wrapped in Seaweed to flush out toxins. Wrapped in a Hot Sauna Thermal Bed to sweat! Body is rinsed, Hot towels and steam applied, then Hot Oils are applied and massaged deep into the skin! Ohhh it's the best! you feel invigorated and so relaxed. Breathe...

Treatment for a Queen!

Call for a consultation.


Click Here to Watch a Video Clip

Package Sessions are available, discussed and determined during your Consultation... Private Skincare Consultations without services are paid in advance for a 20 minute session at $35.  All Skin Analysis are complimentary with services.  Your form of payment will be excepted to hold your appointment prior to being serviced.  All appointments must be confirmed within 24-48 hours. Please sincerely understand our Best Practices: Cancellation Notice is 24-48 hours. Cancelled appointments are charged a $25 fee to the form of payment discussed during your consultation. Thank you for your consideration! The Aesthetician LLC

What Our Patients Are Asking?

New Organic Dermal Wrinkle Fillers ! Now doing

Derma-Blading PR Dema-Needling and Mesotherapy. Check back for updates or Schedule a Consultation Now on:

 [email protected]/service​ 

A Private Beauty Clinic


COMING SOON: 5 Layer Facial, LIGHT Therapy and  

New IV Infusion Therapy. 

A Vitamin Cocktail injected helps your skin! Loose Weight! Feeling Sluggish? IV Therapy gives you energy right away! Vitamins go directly into the blood stream, to enhance your overall well being. Works great with a Body Wrap! 

You will feel better and Love It!

The Aesthetician LLC

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